• DriverX3 - Vehicle OnBoard PC
    Powering GPS tracking, Route Navigation, Vehicle Reports, Chat, Video Capture, Fuel Monitoring, RFID Scanning, and Bin Weighing.
    The only onboard PC system in the world that gives your business exactly what you need.  
  • Waste Management Solutions
    Achieve more with less resources.  Inspire your business to grow more efficiently and at the same time reduce overall costs.
    Our WIS server manages every aspects of your business seamlessly, from back office account management and invoicing, to fleet management and vehicle reporting - and much more.
  • Enabling Smarter Cities in 2016
    Empowering the management of recycling levels per household, dealing with contaminates in recycling bins, optimizing collection routes, driving efficienices, handling graffetti, illegal dumping
    Our waste management solution can help your business become more self aware and cost efficient.

Wheelie Bin Weighing Systems

Legal for Trade Bin Weighing System for Bin Lifters

Working with both commercial and domestic bin lifters, we fabricate, install and certify bin weighing on to any bin lifter system.

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OnBoard Vehicle Android PC

Fully integrated onboard PC for your vehicle fleet

Managing GPS tracking, Route Navigation, Route Optimization, Fuel Monitoring, RFID Scanning, Bin Weighing, Vehicle Error Codes and much more.

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Waste Management Solution

The complete cloud based software solution for waste collectors

Handling every work process of your business seamlessly, and in the most cost efficient manner.

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News and Information

Smarter living with Dandelion IOT Hub for the Home

Over the past year Sunrise Innovations have been working hard on developing an IOT (Internet of Things) smart hub for the home called Dandelion....

Manage Ad-Hoc Commercial Collections Seamlessly

We have added some great new features to our Commercial Manager APP on Android to enable the field operator to handles ad-hoc collections more efficiently....

EcoBin Food Waste Composter

The EcoBin Composter converts food waste and other garden organic material into compost within 6-8 weeks....

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