Weighbridge with Number Plate Recognition & Video Surveillance

The WIS weighbridge software enables your business to connect the weighbridge directly with the back office accounts system. The system can work in both online and offline modes, meaning that it can synchronized with the WIS server with an internet connection to get all the necessary information on companies, accounts, routes, and orders as well as push information about weights or work in offline with no internet connection and perform a system sync when network is back online.

The weighbridge software can be installed on any Microsoft’s operating systems and limit access to account users setup on the WIS server. Connection to your weighbridge hardware can be done via IP or Comm port and depending on your hardware we will need some customization to setup the weighting connection. Currently the weighbridge has saved connection details to 30 of the leading weighbridge models.

The software handles both weighing in and out jobs. These weighing jobs can be skip/dumpster, collection runs or company account weighing. We feel this makes the system very structured and easy to operate.

Within the weighing job single or multiple waste types, sources, destination and haulier can be defined. Then the gross weight in is calculated. Once the vehicle comes back to weigh out the operator goes into Pending Weights and brings up the weighing job and then weighs out the vehicle – then once complete the Net Weight is calculated and the weighing job is done. This complete weighing information is then automatically synchronized with the WIS server (if in online mode – if offline it is sent later) and stored into the secure location on the machine and registered on the tall card. From the weighing archive section in the software customer receipts can be printed in PDF format.

The weighbridge software comes with 3 service component add-ons, these are:

  • Security camera CCTV system (enable single or multi camera recording)
  • Number plate recognition system (APNR)
  • Electronic signature capture (where the customer can sign the screen)


The CCTV system can be setup to accept live IP cameras around the yard. These feeds are archived locally and can be synced with the cloud if required. The APNR (number plate recognition) links in with the IP camera to read the data off the video. This data can be fed in real time into the WIS control panel >> locations, so the admin staff can view the vehicles and which type came into the yard. The APNR system can also be linked to a barrier control system to limit vehicle access to only those vehicles which are registered on the system. As for the electronic signatures, if required customers can be asked to sign the screen. This information can be then fed into the receipts document and also synced online into the WIS server.

Our weighbridge software can be used for many purposes. So call us and we will discuss your business needs today.