As we know in the real world there are two sides to every story and in this industry there is no difference - its either a case of the customer either forgot to put the bin out or the driver just forgot to drive down the street to collect it or the bin was out but the driver did not see it hidden behind a vehicle for example.  Other scenarios like bin service not paid, wrong content in the bin and over capacity routes also exist but are not as major as those mentioned above.

Due to the limitations in technology and the need to satisfy the customer - the "bin not collected" means the waste contractor has to go back out and collect that bin.  In the waste management industry all over the world this is known as a mop up round.  In Ireland alone there are on average 30 vehicles driving 5 days a week collecting these missed bins on mop up rounds.  On average these vehicles work about a 6 hour shift, consuming approx 100 litres (4.5 litres in a gallon UK) per shift.  There are 22.2 lbs Co2 per gallon of diesel consumed, that means these mop up routes are resulting in 14,800 lbs of Co2 being produced on average per day / 3,848,000 lbs per year.

Sunrise Innovations in Wexford have come up with a complete solution to solve this "missed bins" problem and at the same time reducing the Co2 emission of these mop up rounds. The solution comprises of our vehicle technology (Driver X3), home IOT hub  / APP (Dandelion) - all powered by our cloud service called Waste Information Server (WIS).  The innovative solution works as follows:

The night before the WIS (Waste Information Server) automatically sends an SMS or alerts via our Household APP to notify the customer to put their bin out.

The Driver X3 vehicle technology navigates the driver turn by turn around the route and notifies the fleet manager back at base if the driver misses a bin/street.  

As the driver is coming close to the customer’s property the WIS (Waste Information Server) sends a final alert to the Dandelion home IOT hub to put the bin out.  In rural areas IOT tags can be placed on bins so the Dandelion knows the bins position, so if the bin is not out it keeps sending the message

When the vehicle is within 1 km of the customer’s property - the WIS tells the driver that the bin is not out so if out of the way they can decide not to navigate to the bin.

As the vehicle approaches the customer's property the Driver X3 takes photos of where the bin was last time, and if there is no bin out / no collection the incab system sends these photos of the bin not present to the cloud based admin system, so the admin staff have proof.  This proof is available to the customer on their APP.

We believe our solution will at the very least cut the mop up rounds by 80% and save 3,078,400 lbs of Co2 per year in Ireland alone.  Currently we are working closely with 3 of Ireland’s largest operators to implement this strategy within their collections programme.