The Ultimate Assistant in Waste Management

First of all just wanted to mention that we at Sunrise Innovations are obsessed with delivering real results for our customers, and at the same time we're complete tech nerds that love to make this happen via innovative and cost-efficient technology.
To start off, we're working with the biggest waste collectors companies in the world, helping them with our Truck Router Software and from their perspective what we did is "the ultimate digital assistant for our crew''.

Why? Because it's extremely intuitive and easy to install the Onboard Truck Router into a refuse vehicle and that way you get started and have results for all your customers, staff, drivers, operations right away.
The most important thing in achieving perfection for our customers is to make the systems as seamless and as integrated as possible for their operations, so we had to face some challenges:
1)  Fast integration of the customer bin detailed information to their staff, drivers, offices
2)  Achieving a workflow automation for drivers so they can drive any route any time 
That's why in the Onboard Truck Router we have developed our main component - an advanced route management service, which assists the drivers with route nav...

How to improve company culture?

In every business out there having a scalable company culture is massively important but underrated today.

Happy employees hustling are when great work actually happens, and hands down that's where all businesses should focus their culture on.

How can we create an infrastructure, framework of mindset so all people love what they do their workplaces?

We'd like to share some of our insights on building a tech company culture.  

Celebrate Victories

Celebrate any small wins on daily basis and thank your team for this, because they hustled and deserve it. This ties in with the concept of the teamwork in our organization. It's 100% binary thing - we help each other to accomplish things and massively win by doing so. 
Use Celebrating a strategy for building a positive vibe around people. 

Leading by Example 

We always need to change ourselves to do more and exceed ourselves with other challenges every day that makes us feel uncomfortable, doing something you never did before to inspire our teammates, lead by example and push our boundaries.
Change starts within ourselves.

Tech, Culture, Hustle 

We're all about tech - we're nerds that love to play aroun...

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

Today's a massive day for everyone!

At Sunrise Innovations, we'd like to thank everyone that has helped us be in the place we are today. Big thanks to our team, clients and happy thanksgiving to every single human being in the United States.

Really funny picture that we've found today in the morning :) 

As always, we are going to enjoy ourselves and work with our clients in Europe, UK, Ireland!

P.S yesterday we did a quick quality management test on 3 Driver X3 for our clients, and they are ready to go!


Barbeque at the new office

Office party we had during the summer - I know ... it took us abit of time to upload some of the photos :-)...

3D Camera Case Printers

Hi everyone, at Sunrise Innovations, we've purchased 3D Printers for growing our hardware production that's related to the scale of our vehicle cameras for our clients.

To create a top-notch innovative vehicle camera technology for refuse trucks we use the printing 3D devices in the world.
A Russian 3D printer manufacturing company in 2014, announced the release of a printer they say will change the game with it’s uniquely designed print head - The Picaso 3D Designer.
Russian-made Picaso Designer personal 3D printer started a paradigm of technology in the 3Printing world and that's we purchased this equipment to advance our vehicle camera technology.
It’s a filament-based device, like many regional machines, capable of printing either PLA or ABS plastic, offering fairly typical specifications: 
  • Build volume of 200 x 200 x 200mm
  • Layer size of 0.05mm
  • Minimum wall thickness of 0.19mm
  • Standalone machine using USB or SD card gcode input
  • Two nozzles sizes, 0.30 and 0.15mm
  • Display panel to monitor print operations
It has advanced features like: 
  • Enclosed (and heated) build chamber to minimi...

New Sales Manager at Sunrise

Welcome, Edward!

Just wanted to update everyone that we'd like to introduce our new associate Edward Ambrosi that has joined our team at Sunrise Innovations in our Sales Department.

What we are always striving for at Sunrise Innovations is looking for young people that are very passionate about the technology world, raving fans and adopters of early technologies that are going to change industries.

Number one thing that we value is teamwork and consistent hard work to ensure we support and expand our client base all the world.

Our core pillar is building new relationships with local waste collectors in the UK, US, and Australia world biggest markets and Edward is helping us with that and getting us into discovering new markets and serving their needs.

We are engaging on daily basis and building new relationships with various businesses on social media as well as sharing industry news, and having conversations on how we can improve the waste management with our team.

Gaining tons of feedback from thousands of clients already on the market challenges makes us 100% confident that WIS waste management solutions are going on a global level.

Edward - our new sales and marketing associate has experience in building the business to business (B2B) r...