The Ultimate Assistant in Waste Management

First of all just wanted to mention that we at Sunrise Innovations are obsessed with delivering real results for our customers, and at the same time we're complete tech nerds that love to make this happen via innovative and cost-efficient technology.
To start off, we're working with the biggest waste collectors companies in the world, helping them with our Truck Router Software and from their perspective what we did is "the ultimate digital assistant for our crew''.

Why? Because it's extremely intuitive and easy to install the Onboard Truck Router into a refuse vehicle and that way you get started and have results for all your customers, staff, drivers, operations right away.
The most important thing in achieving perfection for our customers is to make the systems as seamless and as integrated as possible for their operations, so we had to face some challenges:
1)  Fast integration of the customer bin detailed information to their staff, drivers, offices
2)  Achieving a workflow automation for drivers so they can drive any route any time 
That's why in the Onboard Truck Router we have developed our main component - an advanced route management service, which assists the drivers with route navigation along with bin collection.

Driven collection routes autosave into our WIS server, where they can be edited by the staff of the waste management company.
Turn by turn navigation and customer bins with different colors is also integrated on the collection route that makes it easy to read for the driver, and that's the learning curve is short. On top of that service works offline and online and drivers don't need to worry about network coverage while out on the collection routes.
Today our team was setting up, configuring, testing some test routers in our offices for delivering it to our customers.
One of our ideas that came up in mind was that we got request by companies that already have hardware systems installed into the truck but prefer a way seamless version to integrate their bins, routes, customers, and make their drivers happier.

And guess what? That's exactly what we can do, our Truck Router Software code can be copied into your hardware to reproduce the same system and technology functionality so you can customize it to your hardware and company needs.

Our main invitation is that if someone is looking for the #1 Most Cost-Effective Route Management software into their operations then we'd be glad to share with you how can achieve this.

P.S Check out the Youtube video here to see how this works -  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y2V_ietHpUQ&t=8s
Until next time!
Your waste technology nerds,
Sunrise Innovations Team