Waste Management powered by Artificial Intelligence

The Headline here is this - we already know that Artificial Intelligence technology is the biggest ROI which today is massively underpriced for waste collectors and can be already applied for automating a lot of operations and streamlining staff efficiency, optimization of your resources, increased customer lifetime value, increased security and safety, increased customer satisfaction and sales, and also massive savings on a yearly basis.

At Sunrise Innovations, we study customer behavior of different companies all across the world from enterprise household waste collectors, big commercial waste collectors, dumpster container businesses or skip hire businesses and we've learned how they communicate, learn, and buy waste services.

Observing how people communication channels changed over time with emerging technologies such as Facebook Messanger, Whatsapp, Telegram and the Internet being on the top, made us go aggressively to seek how customers want to receive waste services from their local waste collectors.

Check the ROBOT chats trend in Google.

In the last few years, we've noticed a new behavior, which is that for 3k+ waste management companies all across the world 84% of questions their customers are nearly the same.

Next thing is that from all those businesses ALL questions are answered on the phone one by one, and you know what we've found? Your customers don't want to call you for their services, wait for your response and spent 10+ minutes to understand or figure out the perfect solution, as that is based on losing their time. They want it now.

To sell your Waste services to your customers you need to sell them back the time. They want to either get the job done or finding when the job is going to be done, it's that simple.

If you don't believe it, think about this:

We humans, love time so much, and funny enough we don't even think about this.

But the truth is when your computer, laptop, mobile, Skype or internet connection was slower one, two, three more seconds when you were doing something important  - you got more annoyed, got angrier, stressed out.

That's the same thing what happens to your customers when they call you and they get annoyed with the upfront lines, specific policy and customer service your company offers, finding your numbers or offices, answering your questions, being transferred to the accounts department, waiting on hold for other customers and we can  actually continue with 32+ use cases of customers for just having an answer to a simple question.

People will massively overpay and recommend you as the best waste collector when you give the best customer service in the fastest way possible 24/7, A.K.A offering them their TIME back.

But what if we can actually automate answers on daily basis? What if we can use a live ROBOT chat that will help them answer up to 96% inquiries in the most humanized, fastest way possible with world class customer service without you training them?

That's where we KNOW the waste management industry is going, in a more optimized, automated fashion servicing the customers on daily basis with using Artificial Intelligence.

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