Vehicle Cameras in Waste Management & Transport

Operating trucks today is one of core economical movers globally that's delivering value to all of us on a daily basis.
Waste Vehicles specifically have a major role in executing waste collection operations for the sustainability of our planet. 
That's why in this post we'd like to share some insights on where the waste management industry is going in terms of operating their assets in the most optimized and safe way.
The cost of operating the trucks today is a holding back factor for all waste collectors to continue to scale the business efficiently.
Fuel, maintenance, insurance premium, labor, office staff, taxes and industry-specific are all costs.
The truth is that you can put yourself in the position to scale up easily if you know how to completely win the game with mastering cost minimization per asset.
The question you need to ask yourself is how we can get the biggest output from the vehicle on daily basis but minimizing the total cost.
The output is the volume of customers serviced and the total weight of trash collected if you're in a commercial or household waste management business. In a dumpster container model, the volume of output can be the total customers you've delivered the dumpster to in a day/week, etc.
With 10+ years of working with waste collectors, we've developed a clear guideline on how to save money with one innovative technology which is vehicle cameras.
Smart Vehicle Cameras Technology

Check the video below for a quick overview.


The #1 Benefit is increasing the safety of the operations of your staff, customers, and operations.

At the end of the day creating an environment where safety is the number 1 priority for everyone is the most important thing.
The #2 Benefit you will get cost reduction of the insurance premium for each vehicle on annual basis on:
A) accidents
B) incidents 
C) false claims from customers, third parties, other businesses
Examples of different operational accidents in waste management can be:
  • Workers falling, being dragged into the bin wagon
  • Reversing accidents 
  • Children accidents because of front blind spot of waste vehicle
  • Unfounded insurance claims for personal injury damages, damaged goods, and assets.
  • Traffic and parking accidents

The #3 Benefit will be to completely monitor driver behavior and having access to this data as a future reference on how to reduce maintenance cost based on excessive speeding, acceleration, and other driver anomalies.
Driving Applications:
  • Reverse Parking, Side Parking
  • Narrows Roads
  • Blind Spots & Congested Roads
  • Congestion roads
  • Driving Record and Assistance 
  • Slopes

Business Applications:
Use Case - Smart AI Vehicle Camera System for Waste Management, Transport & Logistics companies globally.
If you manage to save $ 10.000 by reducing insurance premium and maintenance with monitoring your driver's behavior, you will quickly realize the saving opportunity per vehicle for your collections.
Installation of the most top-notch AI Vehicle Cameras system we have for 1 truck will be usually up to $3000 (5-6cameras - 360view), $200 monthly fee with 3 years warranty.
Basically 5400$ for 1 truck with capabilities to save you up at least $10.000 for the next upcoming 4-5 years for 1 truck.
Another practical business use cases will be the implementation of Smart AI Cameras System for Recycling Centers, Distribution Centers, Retail Shops, Warehouses with a customized approach to their specific operations.