Truck System to increase recycling rates

How the global Waste Industry is shifting to increased recycling rates only

Our team at Sunrise Innovations follows the emerging strategy for each country in the world of deploying plans to increase recycling rates and to get rid of landfills.

To facilitate this movement our entire team packaged a very unique Truck System for any refuse vehicle in the world that will help to get the recycling rate in a country to the next level.

Our Truck System will have 3 main components that will be integrated and speaking with each other - the first component is our advanced onboard PC for waste routes and KPIs which is named DriverX3, the 2nd component is the RFID that will sync all data from bins & customers to the PC and back-office software, and a robust integration with our AI Cameras which were designed to spot missed bin collection, contamination and illegal dumping and report automatically to the fleet manager.

We're delighted to show you more about the system and how this will be implemented globally as a stand-alone solution.

All the best,
Sunrise Innovations team