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Bin Collector Solution
How does Bin Collector work?
How to install Bin Scanner application from Google Play
What is Offline Mode in Bin Scanner?
What if there is no verbal command played when the bin is scanned?
Contaminated bins process

How does Bin Collector work?

Collection staff logs in the “Bin Scanner” application on mobile phone and scans RFID tags attached to the bins with RFID scanner. The mobile application verbally speaks commands to the collection staff, so they know exactly what action to undertake. RFID chips should be scanned before the bin is emptied. So the data is sent to the office server so staff knows which bins were collected and when. The system works in both online and offline modes. So when it is in offline mode the data is stored on the mobile device and then is sent to the server.

The verbal commands which play when RFID tag is scanned:
- OK
- Unknown Customer
- Stop. Do Not Empty

How to install Bin Scanner application from Google Play

The Bin Scanner mobile application can be found on the Google Play Store.

1. Search for the Play Store icon on your phone (make sure you are logged in with a valid Gmail address);
2. Type in the Search area the key words "Bin Scanner"; you are looking for the icon of a green bin man;
3. Press on the Bin Scanner icon and then on "Install"; accept the app's requirements, then wait for the app to be downloaded and installed automatically;
4. When the Bin Scanner is successfully installed on the phone, you can press Open on the app's Play Store page or close the Play Store and open it directly from the phone;
5. You be then asked to Register. We will provide you with the PIN. (It is the same PIN code as for other WIS apps, eg Truck Router or Household app). Type in the PIN and press Register.
6. After successful Registration, you can login using the login credentials.
7. First thing - the app will open the Paired Devices screen, where you need to press Scan for Devices to pair reader to phone. Make sure reader is charged and on.
8. Press on the name of the  reader to pair.
9. Enter PIN.
10. If PIN is correct, you will be automatically taken to Dashboard and see message Connected to [reader_name] and the Bluetooth icon on top will be blue.

What is Offline Mode in Bin Scanner?

In order to login in Offline mode the last username and password must be used as they are stored locally on the phone.
If different credentials are used then the client will give the "Incorrect Username or Password" error message.
When in Offline mode all bin scans are saved on the phone and later pushed to the WIS server when an internet connection is found. Every 2 minutes WIS Bin Scanner checks for offline data which needs to be sent to the WIS server.
Also, every 30 minutes, if in Online mode, the Bin Scanner downloads the current Blacklist, so no blacklisted bins are picked up and emptied by mistake. 

What if there is no verbal command played when the bin is scanned?

If a bin is scanned but no verbal command plays:

  - Battery of the phone is low - and needs to be charged

  - Battery on the reader is low - and needs to be charged

  - Sync from phone to reader needs to be reconnected

  - RFID tag card is faulty (in this case the customer needs to call the office to get a new one).

Contaminated bins process

Each collection staff (helpers) have a contaminated tag with them at all time. When they detect a contaminated bin, they must do the following:

1. Scan the tag on the customer's bin;
2. Scan the contaminated tag with the reader (this must be done in an interval of 20 seconds after scanning the bin);
3. Bin Scanner will say OK when the contaminated tag is scanned and ask the user "Would you like to take a photo of contaminated bin?" They can press Yes/No. When they press YES, they can take a photo. If they press NO, the pop-up closes.
4. They can move on to next bin. Please note that time between scans must be a minimum of 30 seconds.

This information then shows in Customer>>Collection Tab>>Comments (marked as Contaminated) and you can view the photo in Signature/Photo column (the last one).

Also, you can print out a report of all bins marked as contaminated in WIS > Reports > Routing & Collections > Contaminated bins report. 

To setup a contaminated tag you can do it from WIS >  Bin Manager > Contaminated setup (sub menu on the left side) > press "Add New" button and fill out RFID Tag area with the tag's number.