The SAAS bin scanner solution works in both online and offline mode in super fast read speeds, providing visual and audio (text to speech) feedback to the operator.  The bin scanner solution is perfect for the management of bin tasks as well as complex collection scheduling.

View the bin scanner solution in live operation in the video below and see how fast the driver is able to scan low frequency RFID chips to updated the office and also not to collect any bins that are unpaid.  You may need to watch this video a few times as he works very fast.

The reasons why your business would need the bin scanner solution would be to:

  • Ensure all your bins are registered with customer accounts correctly.
  • Locate stolen and lost bins
  • Improve the quality of recycling in bins and to reduce contamination
  • Stop collecting bins from customers who do not pay
  • Improve collection accountability and KPIs
  • Place actions on bins so collection crews can do as customers request

To find out what the bin scanner solution can do for your business please contact us directly.