Extendable Corporate Telephony made easy

Within the WIS server there are core IP telephony components, these power:

  • Full featured IP PBX phone system (no need for expensive PBX hardware)
  • Interactive voice response : IVR (allowing customers to call and pay bills over the phone)
  • Desktop phone software (SIP client called HIPPO that acts like Skype)

Every business has a phone line which customers can call. Our IP based telephone system is an Internet based phone system, which works over the Internet so all calls in and out are cheaper and the flexibility of the service configuration is done from within the WIS control panel.

Our corporate Internet phone system is called the IP based PBX and can be delivered as a standalone unit or delivered together within the WIS server. The hosted system is powered from our cloud based network in Germany and North America and can be easily connected with any SIP account (IP based phone number). In a nutshell, you can keep everything you currently have and we will manage the service completely for you over our system or it can be configured as an add-on service. e.g. to accept telephone payments additional to your own call centre.

The system itself is designed to help your business run the corporate telephones at a fraction of the current cost and with management simplicity. The PBX system can connect to both IAX and SIP lines for both incoming and outgoing calls.

The IP based PBX is fully customizable so you can set up departments and extension – these can be controlled by soft clients (PC and Mobile) provided by us or desktop SIP phones. The PBX system can be scaled to handles a large operation call centre or a small waste company.

The basic features of the corporate IP based PBX:

  • Handles up to 100 extensions (phones)
  • Works with PCs and Mobiles
  • Call Forking & Routing
  • Call Flow Design Departments and Extensions
  • Management Call Forwarding
  • Voice Mail to Email In / Out Call Logs
  • Backup for contacts and Backup function when internet is offline

The system (IP based PBX) works on PC desktops from a software application and communicates via headsets (like the one above) or from mobile phones using an App installed running over 3G. The savings in terms of not needing a hardware PBX, desktop phones and mobile calls over the network can be quite substantial.

From live usage patterns we have seen our PBX handling as many as 35 simultaneous calls all while running over a SIP connection with an average daily call cost of €1. To test our IP based PBX simply call +353 53 9100 100 – we have 15 SIP extensions connected.

The Interactive voice response (IVR) system enables businesses to deploy customer database interaction for less. So customers could be allowed to dial in and make an order, check their balance, pay a bill, book a collection, etc. - all without the need of an office staff member answering the call. Many of our clients use the IVR to accept payments during peak and out of office times. Before buying an IVR system the main thing to plan is what you need it to achieve and how it should operate, as every IVR system needs to be tailored to the company’s requirements.

Our HIPPO client is a software that installs on your PC to make and receive phone calls over the Internet. It also handles call forwarding and call transfer. The HIPPO uses the latest voice compression codec so the quality of all calls is like Skype. The software starts when you PC starts and it runs in the background and pops up when incoming calls come in or when you need to make a call. The software is very light so it does not take much PC resources. If you have a small company (20 staff) and do not want to pay a lot for a hardware PBX and desktop phones - then this is your answer as it will probably save you €8000 at least.