Data Convergence & Implementation

Setting up the Waste Information Server by itself in a modular architecture with for example route management, dumpsters, PABX, etc is very straight forward. While integrating existing live domestic households and/or commercial customers need to follow an exact implementation plan to ensure the switch over is seamless. During this switch over there are a number of phases which need to be followed in a step by step fashion, these are:

• Analysis of your current system
• Evaluate current customer data structure
• Migration plan agreement
• Implement data into parallel running system
• Testing & Education Phase
• Plan deployment phase

Naturally, any new project may bring doubts and uneasiness, especially when the success of your business is at stake. The migration of your business data may seem like a complicated, time and resource-consuming task. In fact, the process is complex, but simple at core. We, at Sunrise Innovations are more than happy and qualified to ensure a stress-free and smooth transition from your current company software solution to WIS, thanks to our experience and excellent customer service throughout and after your migration. Our staff are equipped with a great variety of tools to reveal the great potential of WIS’ unique features, which used right, will definitely push your business further up the ladder of success.

The process of migrating to WIS is tailored after each company’s needs, but there are six main stages that need to be completed. Each stage is important and should be done thoroughly. During all migration stages, our team will go over each one with you in detail, providing test run scenarios, including guides and helpful videos, so you would know exactly where you are, what the next step is and what needs to be done. You will always be up-to-date with the progress.

The first stage is analysis, where we analyze your current customer structure and all the information it holds. We must see how the data is stored, organized and backed up. Basically, we get to know everything about your current system. For example, if you keep the list of your customers in one central database or several, the number of bins allocated per customer and the truck routes, etc; all this information has to be joined together, to increase efficiency. Naturally, once the information is analysed and collected, both sides need to check for any inconsistencies or gaps in data.

Now follows the second stage, which is the evaluation of the base data collected. In this stage, we present a comprehensive database overview, making it very clear to evaluate all data in one location. This is done in order to improve the organization and comprehension of your company’s data.

Once we together have collected, analyzed, sorted out and validated your data, and have excluded any inefficiency – we advance to the third stage, which is generating the best migration plan for your needs. Our development team will be engaged in a continuous discussion with you, ready to tailor the migration plan of your preference.

Next phase is to import approved customer data into the WIS server in parallel sync with your current system – so both systems run side by side. The parallel process is conducted so that data visualisation is possible. Once rigorous checks have been carried out and initial data is signed off by the customer we move on to the balance verification process. While in this phase and before going live – all additional new customers will be manually added into WIS directly.

The balance verification process presents all customer data and balance up to this point ready for validation, once signed off as correct by the customer we import this balance into the WIS server as the customer’s opening balance and we progress to signing off to make the system live.

Our team strive for growth and progress, so before “going live,” they perform repeated system and data checks. As mentioned before, WIS holds significant growth potential for your business and our staff provide detailed training so you would not only know exactly how to use it, but also how to make it work for you. That is one of WIS’ advantages over other waste management software – with a little effort WIS will make your life easier.

As you can see, the stages are clearly defined and your staff will benefit from training and support throughout the whole migration process. Once you start using the WIS, it will become an irreplaceable system, which will facilitate your entire business’ operations. Because WIS is in your control, you can make it work for you in promoting your business, communicating with customers, managing truck operations and administrating all finances. The best part is that WIS grows and evolves with the industry, yet it not only keeps up – it allows you to be two steps ahead of competitors. Our team are engaged in this venture with you at all times, ready to offer support, repeated training and a general great experience with our WIS server.