Managing all your vehicles - all the time, seamlessly.

Effective, Cost Efficient Fleet Management System – if you want something that works out of the box, then here it is. The vehicle system can be deployed by downloading our Truck Router software onto any Android device of your choice or buy it pre-installed on our DriverX3 Android PC hardware.

Once the vehicle is powered on the information will automatically flow (online & offline) to the WIS Server (or 3rd party server of your choice if required). The main features of the fleet management system are:

Live GPS Tracking
GPS data together with a full array of vehicle information is streamed to the WIS Server. This information is stored and presented in the WIS Admin. Staff can view live tracking and well as historical data - they can also reply driven tracks to review speed, braking, and fuel consumption. Within the WIS admin GPS tracking can be saved as routes for others to drive or used to analyse route optimization. The live fleet reporting in the WIS admin allows you to review all vehicles on one screen that can be displayed on an external screen in the office if required.

Vehicle Maintenance Reporting
Vehicle Reports are a vital component in any maintenance program. Within the Truck Router software the driver can perform daily vehicle checks which update to the mechanic department in real time – these checks are adaptable per country and industry. Also if required we can deliver our canbus hardware device (connects to the DriverX3) which can pull and push information to the truck PC, this allows for office staff to manage vehicle error codes and also to be alerted about real time issues while the vehicle is in the field.

Route Management
Route management is a vital part of any fleet management system as it provides drivers with the correct / most optimal route to be driven. GPS tracks can be saved as routes and seamlessly edited in the WIS admin - to be sent out to drivers. In most isolated areas mapped roads do not exist, we can use our MAPHS service to draw down roads and buildings, to assist drivers when driving new routes. The route management function of fleet manager is very extensive and provides a lot of flexibility to the office staff when needing to manage routing.

Office Messaging
Our two ways messaging with the office is done through the WIS Ticketing system. This allows office staff to allocate tasks to specific staff and track these tasks until complete. It also provides a chat service for the driver so they can interact quickly with the office - e.g. if they are at a premise and there is a locked gate, they can take a picture and a message that they rang the customer and nobody was home to open them. The office staff can then tie this information to a customer account so they can explain when collection could not take place.

Fleet Management System Review

  • Details of vehicle start/finish times & exact locations to street level.
  • Journey distance, duration, average speed, Fuel/Oil economy, operational costs.
  • A route replay report shown on the map of the route taken and to include speed limits.
  • Driving, idling and stationary time.  Other Activity (e.g. Road Sweeping, Salt Spreading, Patching) – locations, times, durations of routes.
  • Route Completion Reporting, Certain categories of vehicles may require a route planning facility. This facility is capable of mapping each route with defined locations and report on the percentage of the route completed, the time at each location and report the locations not visited. Reporting the last date and location visited by route or by all routes.
  • Salt Gritting / Road Sweeping vehicles may require Route reporting showing when Road is being Salted / Cleaned.
  • Secure Driver login across multiple vehicles.
  • Stops report – a report detailing each location visited, stop start time, stop end time, duration of stop. The stop duration analysed should be configurable by the user of the report e.g. all stops greater than 5 minutes duration.
  • Locations report – analysis of when a vehicle was last at a specific location
  • Measures and reports non use time including parked up at Depot, parked up at home, parked up on job location
  • Vehicle Mileage Analysis Report by Time of Day
  • Geo-fence vehicles to specific areas and report on out of area occurrences. The amount of mileage done within the geo fence area and the amount of mileage done outside the geo fence area.
  • Driver Report showing what vehicles were driven by a particular driver for different time periods i.e. week, month etc. The time periods selected for analysis should be configurable by the user of the report.
  • Exception alerts sent via email
  • Fuel consumption in L/100km per vehicle
  • Vehicle Speed
  • Colour coding vehicles from different departments
  • Maintenance/Servicing reminders based on mileage, time and/or engine hours

Benefits from using the Fleet Management system

The system will provide the following benefits:

  1. Streamlining of fleet operations
  2. Fuel savings
  3. Improved quality and timeliness of information
  4. Ready access to information for audit and research purposes
  5. Reduction of manual record keeping
  6. Auditability and traceability
  7. Provision of flexible information, statistical analysis, costing and reporting for management purposes
  8. Improved security of information
  9. Compliance with statutory and legal requirements (fleet management)


The WIS admin based Fleet Management system is a perfect solution for any company with a fleet of vehicles which they need to track - manage - maintain and operate detailed / scheduled tasks with.