Customized Radio-frequency identification (RFID) Tags for your business

Today wheelie bins (bin carts) normally come with low-frequency RFID chips preinstalled. But these world tag chips are expensive and also means the bin needs to have a sticker to present the customer details on the side. Not only this but you also need to have a barcode / RFID hardware device to register the bin onto your system prior to delivery. So much unneeded work. With our philosophy of “save time and money” RFID chips are durable plastic sticker cards, which can easily be sent in the post and affixed to any bin type.

We at Sunrise Innovations take pride in designing and manufacturing RFID tags. Working together with your business to plan the right RFID tag and technology suitable for your environment. The management phases of any RFID deployment are:

1. Discussion with your business about the business requirements and planning the appropriate RFID technology.

2. Designing the RFID tag and delivering samples for approval.

3. Field tests to read RFID tags and testing working scenarios e.g blacklisting, lifts count, contamination’s, etc.

4. Full-scale manufacturing of the entire RFID tag order and delivery.

5. After sales support and quality assurance.

All of our RFID tag stickers use the strongest 3M epoxy, thus making it very difficult to remove the tag once applied. All RFID tags come with a 5-year guarantee.

Scanning of the RFID tags on bins is handled by our software suite – all depending on your business requirements.

Once bins/carts have been fitted with RFID tags – and your business requires bins to be taken back, changing of address or managing broken bins etc – we have all the requirements covered in our Bin Manager software which runs on the cost-efficient Android OS mobile phone.

For more information on getting RFID Tags manufactured for your business please contact us.