Managing all daily work flow issues seamlessly

Enabling your customers to communicate with office staff is a vital step to increasing customer's satisfaction. Our ticket management system is very advanced and enables:

  • Ticket logging for customers, companies, internal, suppliers. Once logged these can be allocated to departments inside the company.
  • Quality management control and follow up of non-conforming products/services
  • Push tasks to driver from tickets, enabling a driver or field operator to scan a tag and the ticket subject is read out to them
  • Track ticket’s progress and communicate with customer about ticket progress
  • Log tickets as part of an overall project and manage the progress of the project.

Tickets can be logged from within the WIS admin, from the Mobile work APPs and via the website. Once logged from the website an auto customised reply is sent out.

The Live Help system enables customers to communicate through the website with an office staff in real time. All chat messages are logged for possible review by a manager, but the main task of the live help is to assist customers with their requirements online - so sending hyperlinks and explaining how things work on the website is vital.