Auto Reading UHF RFID Tags from up to 5 meters (Front & Side Loaders)

Our onboard system works seamlessly with side, front and rear loaders. As soon as the waste truck pulls over a home with bins ready for collection, our UHF RFID scanning hardware fitted into the truck immediately reads the tag on the bin, at a distance of up to 5 meters.

Once a tag is scanned, the driver is immediately informed what action he needs to take. Once a bin status is changed, the data is recorded in the Truck Router application and sent back to the office in real time.


In this unified service – both front-end office staff and OnBoard system interact fully to manage customer data and blacklisting in the most efficient way. No matter whether it is a front, side or rear loader truck, UHF RFID tag is scanned and recorded.

Our system allows blacklisting to work seamlessly, preventing the driver from emptying the bin. A message is displayed on and verbalized by the Truck Router app, informing the driver that bin pick up needs to stop. In case a blacklisted customer’s bin is emptied despite this double warning, information is encrypted, saved and sent back to the office.